Connect with FPC Klamath Falls

The ministries at First Presbyterian Church Klamath Falls strengthen the church family and reach out to our community according to the gifts that God has given each of us. Whatever your talents or interests may be, there’s a ministry at FPC that needs you.



We encourage all adults to get plugged in to a ministry at FPC as soon as possible. Through our Bible studies, small-group ministries, MOPs, senior luncheons every person who comes to FPC is provided an opportunity to build key relationships that can last a lifetime.

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Become a Heart of the City kid as we learn, laugh, love, and live out God’s Word. Here at FPC we provide a safe, high-energy, enriching environment for preschoolers to preteens. Get your children involved with Sunday School today as we learn, laugh, love, and live out God’s Word!

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Our Youth Ministry has been on pause with the pandemic, but we are relaunching on Wednesday, May 5, 2021. We are looking forward to all getting together again and growing this fantastic group, and we want YOU to be a part of it! Click below to get more information about Youth Group!

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We exist to love God, love ourselves, and love others while rejoicing, confessing, thanking God, expressing sorrow, praying, and exalting Him through song. Music is a vital part of worship life. We worship with our voices, our instruments, and our hearts, singing praises to the Lord for His unfailing love and grace.

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We share God’s love and compassion, caring for others in times of illness, bereavement, and other challenges. First Presbyterian Church visits, prays, and provides prayer shaws knitted and crocheted by members of the church with people in Klamath Falls. Join our Outreach Ministries.

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First Presbyterian is located in the historic downtown of Klamath Falls. This is a community where a single individual can have a visible and significant impact on the lives of others. We are working with the community to bring services to Klamath Falls by allowing community ministries to use FPC facilities.

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