Read the Bible

We want to encourage you to read the Bible. Here are four Bible reading plans. There is something for everyone in these four plans.

Bible and prayer

Plans for Reading the Bible

The Bible in One Year (7 Days a Week)

In this plan, you read straight through from Genesis to Revelation, three or four chapters a day to finish the whole Bible in one year. It is dated so you can begin the new year off right or you can begin the plan today by reading what’s listed for the day you begin and keep reading until it loops back around to your start date.

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The Bible in One Year (5 Days a Week, No Weekends)

Many of us have a hard time keeping up with our regular Bible reading schedule on the weekends. If so this is the plan for you if you still want to read through the whole Bible in one year. This plan has you reading from the Old Testament and the New Testament each day.

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Three Chapters a Day (Just Over a Year Plan)

With this plan you read one chapter from the Old Testament, one Psalm or Proverbs, and one chapter from the New Testament a day. This a “no stress” plan since it’s undated and not intended to be finished in a year. It will help you read the whole Bible though and I like the inclusion of the Psalm or Proverb a day.

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The Bible in Two Years Plan

With this plan you only read 5 days a week and take the weekends off. Two weeks in the Old Testament alternate with one week in the New Testament. The blocks aren’t dated so you can start anytime. You can also skip days here and there and still finish on time. Or read straight through and finish in less than 2 years.

This two-year plan is based on a chronological timeline of the Bible, with the exception of Psalms and Proverbs, which are interspersed throughout the plan.

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