First Presbyterian Benevolence

Requests for Assistance

The Purpose: To make the Word flesh to those in need so they experience the love of God through the assistance provided.

(Another phrasing: To make the love of God tangible for others so they experience the love of God through acts of benevolence.)

The Goal is to be a hand up and not simply to offer a hand out. We want to help people get through a crisis so they can become self-sufficient. We do not want to do anything that continues the cycle of poverty, dependency and irresponsibility. We want to see people’s lives redeemed fiscally and spiritually.

Types of Assistance Offered

Rent, utilities, food, clothing, car repairs, counseling, drivers’ license, ID cards, Social Security card replacement, prescriptions, personal hygiene products, and practical items necessary for living or making a living.

Types of Assistance Not Offered

Gas, transportation (bus, train, or driving the person to places), cash, and temporary housing like hotels, motels, Airbnb, and inns.

A Word on Temporary Housing

When temporary housing is requested, refer the person(s) to the Gospel Mission. Give them the address and phone number of the Mission and encourage them to sleep at the Mission. It’s safe and they have three hot meals every day.