King's Kids groups

Small Group / Large Group

King’s Kids uses a large group/small group model. This way, our children can experience fun and energetic lessons in a large group setting but also have deeper, more focused lessons in smaller groups.

How to Be a Superhero


In the spring, King’s Kids will continue the superhero theme. How to Be a Superhero teaches kids that small acts done for Jesus can lead to a super life. They’ll learn how to make life super for others too. Join the fun!

King's Kids dinner


We have healthy, balanced meals on Wednesday evenings. This is a time for our church family to connect with the children in our church with fun table activities.

King’s Kids is our mid-week program for preschool and elementary ages. This is a chance for our kids to have fellowship with members of their church family while they learn about Jesus and grow closer to Him.

King’s Kids starts at 5:15 pm and ends at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings. Every week, we provide Bible lessons that meet kids where they are in their growth and development. We invite all kids aged four and (and potty-trained) through 5th grade to join us at King’s Kids!


Every Week at King’s Kids

King's Kids crafts


The kids get to be creative and express themselves while learning valuable lessons and Bible stories through arts and crafts.

King's Kids dinner


Our dinner time is a time for food and fellowship. Conversations and laughter fill the room while the kids get a good meal!

King's Kids lesson


Our teachers make sure that the kids receive exciting and relevant lessons weekly.

King's Kids games


As tired as the kids are at the end of the day, they are always up for fun and games. This teaches teamwork and sportsmanship.