Support Life Rally: Saturday, January 22, 2022


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Stop Abortion!

Saturday, January 22, 2022
12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

305 Main Street
Klamath County Government Center

Sponsored by Klamath County Right to Life and the Respect Life Group from St. Pius X and Sacred Heart Catholic Churches.

Join us in prayer for lives lost.

Will you be the generation that ends abortion?

Choose Life!

Join us in the fight for life! Let this sink in: 42.7 million babies killed.

If you have any questions, contact 541-273-0953 or 541-892-3714.

Save the children!!!

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Abortion — Leading Cause of Death in 2020 & 2021

  • Abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2021, killing 42.6 million babies.
  • Statistics compiled by Worldometers indicate that there were over 42.6 million abortions worldwide in 2021.
  • By contrast, 8.7 million people died from cancer in 2020, 5 million from smoking, 13 million from disease, and 1.7 million died of HIV/AIDS.
  • That means abortions accounted for 42% of every death around the world last year.
  • In America, just under 1 million babies are aborted each year. Though abortion rates have been dropping in the past decade, abortion remains the leading cause of death in the United States as well.

God loves each human life from the instant of his or her conception and entrusts this gift to the protection of a mother and father. Abortion ends the life of a child and offends God. It also deeply wounds the women and men involved.