Mary Kern

Praise Team Director


Church buildings have been places I have spent a lot of time in since my birth. It feels right that now I have an office in our building at First Presbyterian Church, where I have been worshiping since 1992. This is where I feel at home and where God has put me to work in music ministry.

First Presbyterian Church is where I grew into my faith and gave my life to God and His work. Through ups and downs in my life and my faith, I have come out stronger with a powerful need to serve God and a desire to do that through music. Worshiping through music is the most natural way for me to relate with God. Repentance, praise, joy, and suffering can all be communicated through worship music. My desire is to lead others to to do the same.

“Worship doesn’t begin with us. It begins and ends with God. And God is worthy of all praise, from all people, for all time.”
– Louie Giglio

Please consider being part of the contemporary Praise Team or traditional choir here at First Presbyterian. Your children can get involved in praise music by joining the Joyful Noise Kidz Choir. I look forward to making beautiful music with the congregation here at FPC!

Mary Kern