Belinda Reno

Administrative Assistant

Cell Phone: 541-892-3831
Office Phone: 541-884-7781

We moved to the Klamath Falls area over 35 years ago.  My husband Buddy and I thought it was a great area to raise our family.  Buddy worked on Lost River Ranch for over 15 years.  That was an awesome place to raise a family!

On the ranch there was an apple orchard we loved to walk to.  Not only did we utilize the apples; applesauce, apple pies, apple juice, and one more way was apple ball (smile!).  That’s when you pitch the fallen or bruised apples to your little guy and let him smack them with a baseball bat.  So much fun!  Kind of messy though!

We raised our family in the Church, and all that goes with it.  Good clean family fun, potlucks, Bible Studies, helping others and putting the Lord first in all things.

My husband Buddy works for Heaton Steel and Supply, and I (very thankfully) work for YOU and the Lord. Our hobbies include camping, fishing, hiking, walking, crafting with the grandkids, baking, having our friends, family and neighbors over for a meal, or just a visit on the back deck with a glass of iced tea!

We are all about FAMILY; our Son and Daughter, our very special granddaughter Zoe, and our very special grandson’s Cole, Logan, Lane and Liam.  Most of which have moved to Washington State.

One of the things I love about First Presbyterian Church is YOU the people!  Everyone is so friendly and loving and sincere and volunteering for anything and everything that needs to be done.  If I have not met you yet, please do stop by the office and give me a chance to get to know you too!  Or if I can help anyone, just let me know!  Hope to see you soon!