FPC Library

First Presbyterian Church Library
Welcome to FPC Library! We have many Christian fiction books, books for children and young adults and non-fiction materials. The library also has CDs and DVDs available for checkout.
The library mission statement is: To serve First Presbyterian Church with inspirational reading, worship resources, and enjoyable material. This is accomplished by the printed word and any other media which would enrich the spiritual and intellectual lives of our congregation.
Where is the FPC Library?
The library is located at the end of the hallway on the floor near the Music Room.
Who may use the FPC Library?
All members and attendees of FPC church may use the library.
When is the library open?
The library is available for reading, studying, or borrowing materials anytime the building is open and no meeting is scheduled for the library.
How do I find the item I want?
Items can be found in the red binder at the entrance to the library, or on-line at the Church Library homepage under Ministries/Library. Also, try browsing the shelves to find your favorite book or DVD.
How are the materials arranged in the library?
As you enter the library, reference books and fiction books are on the left-hand wall. Reference books are arranged in Dewy Decimal order and may be used in the Library. Adult Christian fiction books are arranged alphabetically by author and title. DVDs and CDs are arranged by title. Non-fiction books are arranged by Dewey Decimal number on the right-hand wall.
How do I check out an item?
Take the book card out of the pocket that is located in the front of the book. Write your name and telephone number on the book card. Put the date you borrowed the book next to your name. Put the checkout card in the file box located on the shelves to the right of the library door.
How long may I borrow material?
Items are checked out for three weeks. There are no overdue charges. If you need to renew the book indicate “renew” on the book card.
Where do I put returned materials?
Return materials by placing them in the basket marked “RETURN BOOKS HERE”.

To view the list of our library books, DVD's, CD's, please click on this link: